WordPress has released their latest CMS version, WordPress 5. They have updated their text editor, built to conflict.. excuse me, I mean “replace” existing page editors and builders. Meet Gutenburg.

What’s all the Gutenburg fuss about? Why should you care?

WordPress release updates on a regular basis, so what’s all the fuss about? Well, this update is different. Not only because of the awesome page building functionality (you can try the new Gutenburg editor online), but because of the impact it will have on so many websites.

This is a fantastic move by WordPress, but the change does come with some fine print. There is some serious shuffling around to be done, to ensure that websites are actually compatible with the latest version.

And yes you guessed it, some WordPress websites will not be compatible.

Will Gutenburg impact your website?

The short answer for many businesses, is probably Yes. So please do not update your own website. If you are a Phancybox client, we will discuss a personal release strategy with you.

Could the update break your website?

In many cases, yes. So again, we highly recommended not updating your own website – speak to your web company to hatch a plan first. Fixing an unplanned update to WordPress 5 can take hours to correct, costing you online sales and your reputation at the same time. You are far better off planning the release to avoid unnecessary costs.

How exactly could WordPress 5 break your website?

Certain themes and page builders are no longer being updated by their creators, so will not be compatible with WordPress 5. In these cases, applying the update will destroy your web design, bring your entire website down and/or prevent your team from making changes (that includes processing online sales).

Additionally, some page builders, like Visual Composer, rely on the old text editor to function, so will require an update prior to being compatible.

Theme and plugin providers will dictate if, and when they update their software. So simply put, if you update to WordPress 5 before the rest of your website is ready, it will break.

What’s your release strategy?

If you are a Phancybox client, you are in good hands. We will discuss your release strategy and options directly with you. For anyone that is unsure of what to do next, or who to speak to, please feel free to reach out so that we can help.

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