Responsive web design (RWD) is a method of creating websites, that offer easier browsing experiences and interaction. Responsive designs automatically adjusts content dimensions, and their position on screen, to accommodate the screen size, orientation and device type being used (iPhone, PC, tablet). These automated alterations reduce the need to scroll left/right or zoom. This offers an easier browsing experience, and allows website owners to get their message across clearly, regardless of their visitors device type.

Non Responsive Websites

They have fixed height and widths associated to each element on the page. An image taking up the full width of a website on a PC, would need scrolling left and right to view on an iPhone. If the website in question was responsive, the image dimensions would be automatically reduced, to fit the full width of your iPhone screen.

Responsive Websites

They differ in that their elements height and widths are assigned as percentages, not fixed dimensions in centimetres or pixels. When a responsive page loads, the website code first looks at the width and height of the device being used, and changes the elements on the page, according to their allocated percentage of the page.

You’ve probably noticed images or sentences being placed 1 under the other, instead of next to each other when viewing the same site on a tablet, and on a smart phone – this is the responsive website working it’s magic.

Responsive web design by Phancybox New Zealand digital agency in Wanaka

Mobile usage now exceeds desktop usage, so it’s important to ensure your brand and message are being portrayed as they should – easily, and accurately. Does your website display correctly on various device types? If not, it may be time to redesign your website so that it’s responsive, and allows your target market to access your website using any method they choose.

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