Can you imagine wearing pyjamas to your next client pitch? You wouldn’t dare would you (unless you’re a Victoria Secret model). When presenting to a potential client, you’d look sharp right? You’d dress the part.

So what about the rest of your client facing team?

What about your website…? Your website is as much a representation of your brand as the very products and services you’re trying to sell. Every hour, of every day, your website is giving it’s best sales pitch. Presenting to prospective clients, customers, patients, partners, shareholders and suppliers. Stop and take stock, get a second opinion from a friend or colleague but ideally a customer: Does your website look the part? When your brand is a house hold name, sure, present your business as you like. But until then, baggie track pants just aren’t going to cut it.

Don’t let your website sell you short

This is a quick win! Having a professional client facing website is an easy way to start off on the right foot. To build confidence, clarity and a to create a touch of curiosity. That’s what gets people interested. That’s what gets the emails coming in, the phones ringing and the orders racking up. This is the low hanging fruit when it comes to generating sales and increasing customers. And the best part? You hardly have to lift a finger. Find a web design company that shares your values, can deliver measurable results, and get it done. With an exceptional web design, you can spend your time doing the real work. The delicate relationship building, strategising, researching and product development. You’ll have time to work on your business, while your website is working for your business. After all, with the increase in enquires that a website redesign will bring, you’re going to need all the spare time you can find.

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