Yesterday a client asked if we could add another banner image to their websites homepage. My answer was “Yes, we can, but no we shouldn’t.”

New content is golden, except for when it isn’t..

You might be thinking “But Judy you always encourage us to add fresh content to our websites!” Correct, fresh content is good. Keep doing that, but not to the detriment of your users experience.

Allow me to explain.

Every website is different

In this particular case, there were already 6 images being use. Each image covered the full screen, and although we optimise all of our assets, they were still large files.

Additionally, further down the page, a lot of imagery had been used to display available products. More images. More files to load. More time for your visitors spend waiting…

If we had added another image, to this particular website, we would have seen a decrease in the time the page took to load. People don’t like to wait. Your website pages need to load quickly, or you’ll lose people’s attention.

You don’t know what you don’t know about website imagery

The problem in this case wasn’t around the content, rather the burden this additional imagery would have had on their users experience.

And your users experience on your website is top priority.

Every change you make to your website has a ripple effect. So plan your changes. Measure your changes. Speak to your website provider for guidance, reassurance and best practises, and then do it all again because tomorrow Google might change the rules (again).

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