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The best web design encourages your ideal customers
and clients to buy from you, or hire you.

Web design that attracts clients and customers.

An expertly designed website motivates people to buy from you, hire you or contact you. It turns passive visitors into paying customers. It’s a golden opportunity for you to grow your business!

But it all starts with you.

While we have the deepest understanding of our industry, nobody knows your business, your clients and your challenges, better than you do.

Together, we can design something really special, a strategic way for you to grow your business, the way you want to.

Compete with your biggest Competitors.

The best web designs allow you to be up front and centre, and compete on a level playing field with the biggest names in your industry. Imagine being able to appeal to your competitions market share. Think of all the opportunities you would get from exposure to their client pool.

We’ll show you how you can use website designs to stay, or become, a leader in your industry.

eCommerce web design that sells more products to more people.

Existing retail stores can attract more clients, and increase sales with an exceptional eCommerce web design. The best eCommerce systems empower your team, and strengthen your offering.

Startups, and businesses thinking about opening an online shop can expect rapid growth with the right eCommerce design. One that offers your customers an easy and enjoyable experience with your brand. A website that offers the most efficient way to help them get what they want, while you do the same.

Amplify your rebrand, acquisition or big change.

Your website is a powerful tool in communicating change. Marketing rebrands, acquisitions or simply a change of your businesses direction are all amplified with a complimentary web design.

Use your website during times of change, to send the right message, to the right people.

A web design you can be proud of.

Have you already created a highly reputable service or product? A clever website design is capable of portraying your position in the market, showing how far you’ve come and what a success your business is today.

Own a website that you can be proud of. An online version of your spectacular achievements.

Starting a new business? Be fast & make an impact.

What an incredible time for start-ups. New businesses can use web design to make a massive impact. And really quickly. But you need to be smart about it. Every web design is based on choices. And they will vastly affect your chances of success, and how quickly you reach it.

We can help you build your online presence off a rock-solid platform that’s capable of anything.


How does your web design process work?

By the time we reach this stage of the project, we’ll have a clear idea of your business goals and target market. We will also have already agreed upon the list of pages your website will have, the copy each will contain, as well as the goal of each of these pages. Additionally, we will have carried out some research on your market, industry and competitors. Armed with this information, alongside your branding guidelines, we’ll review some ideas and preferences together. Asking questions, reviewing challenges and exploring visual examples for context before creating a Homepage concept based on your requirements.

Will I be able to apply changes to my website after it's been redesigned?

Yes. All of our websites are built on easy to use content management systems (CMS for short), allowing authorised users access to add, edit and remove images, text, videos, files, entire sections and pages.

What if I don't like the web design concept you create?

Yikes, well that’s awkward. I’m teasing – this is an easy one and has happened only twice in over a decade, and in both cases, as a result of the brief changing. At the end of the, if we’ve missed the mark, we’ll simply design another. The most important aspect here being that we learn to communicate more efficiently with eachother to avoid any future misunderstandings.

Will my existing website still work while the new design is being created?

Absolutely – all of our sites are developed on a secure staging environment, completely separate to your live website, and hidden from the public. This means that it’s business as usual for your customers, while we test and develop in the background. And you will not experience any downtime during the go live process either.

My branding company has designed my website, can Phancybox build it?

Yes, we’re flexible to whatever works to create the best end solution for your goals. We work with a number of branding and web design companies in various ways. We simply share our requirements in terms of how the design is delivered, and from there, as long as we keep communications up, it’s smooth sailing.

Will a new web design impact my SEO or visibility on Google?

Very much so, so proceed with caution… Launching a new website gives us hundreds of opportunities to send stronger signals to Google, helping you increase exposure online. But this needs to be done by an experienced SEO professional, to avoid the opposite from happening. There are processes and best practises to go through to ensure that any changes made to the website, have a positive impact on your SEO.

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