You’d be right to think that looks aren’t everything. But wrong, if you thought the only problem with an old-school website, were it’s looks.. it’s far worse. And it’s unacceptable because it’s eating into your profits.

The world is changing, quickly

Leading-edge technology changes and then becomes obsolete. Standard SEO practices change, and become illegal. User expectations change, and become difficult to satisfy.

Then there’s the change driven by your own business. As you tweak website elements over the years, the layout becomes unbalanced. As you add more content onto your homepage, your web design becomes cluttered and unbearable to use. Over time, your web design becomes a hash-up of disjointed information.

Here’s why this matters to you

From seeing it every day, you’ve learnt to overlook the issues and accept your website as okBut your customers see your web design for what it is:  Lacking in clarity, while difficult to find what’s needed, and exhausting to try and use on a mobile phone. Useless.

It’s harsh, and it’s a real challenge to be able to take a step back and see your old-school website for what it is, but it’s true.

You have 2 options

You can continue to ignore the state of your old-school web design, but know that you’ll be letting new enquires, sales and customers slip through your fingers.

Or, you can accept that perhaps it is time to redesign your website. Not to be trendy or cool, but to increase your profits. To stay ahead of your competition. To show your customers that you care. To improve your reputation. To connect with the people that can really benefit from your services, and to start seeing results for all of the hard work you’ve put in.

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