There’s a particular order of action when it comes to marketing a new business. And at the top of the list, is not designing a website.

Before you find a web design company to develop your website, there’s something else you need to do first. Something that will make all future marketing decisions (including your website design) far more powerful.

The first step from a marketing perspective, is to create a brand identity.

Why create a brand identity before a website?

Creating your brand identity first will define all of your marketing elements from day one. This includes your logo design, marketing voice, fonts, creative elements and styles. Think of your brand identity as the foundation of your marketing. Now, think of a house without a foundation… it’s not pretty. The same logic is true when it comes to marketing, especially when it comes to developing a website.

Sharing your brand identity with your web design company is invaluable. These documents offer instant clarity and reduce risk, contributing towards your projects success. They fill all of the gaps that your web design company needs to create a website that will actually give you a return on your investment.

And the same logic will be true when it comes to other forms of advertising, like digital marketing. You’ll also reference this document when hiring new staff, writing pitches or even news articles.

Can you design a website without a full identity?

Yes, we design websites without elaborate branding. But, this means that we rely on you to perfectly articulate every aspect of your business, from a marketing perspective. And unless you have a marketing background, you’re going to miss out on some opportunities. The opportunity to ensure that every marketing action you ever take, like developing a website, is easy to do and effective. Because all of the tough choices have already been made.

Getting started

Branding is challenging. You’re going to have to address those sticky questions like your point of difference, and exactly who your perfect customer is, but the long term benefits are worth it. The end results of your web design project, and every other marketing task, will be far more effective.

It needs to be done, and it needs to be done right. Invest in a brand identity, before investing in a website. Find an agency that gets you, one that you enjoy working with, and get started.

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