Websites have the power to significantly enhance a business’s revenue. When planned, implemented and managed appropriately, websites can act as an extension of your marketing team. They can sell while you sleep, reach a national (or international) audience, generate product enquiries, educate your audience, improve brand perception and spread the word about new products and innovations.

So why do some companies see their website as an expense, instead of an investment?

Perhaps because they are. But we’ll circle back to this. Yes, developing a new website or redesigning an existing site incurs costs, regardless of whether you operate in Noosa or Brisbane. Additionally, once your website is up and running, there are ongoing fees involved too. However, similar to any worthwhile investment, your results are directly proportional to your input.

Consider the benefits of an effective website

  1. Increased customer enquiries
  2. Increased product sales
  3. Reaching a wider, international audience
  4. Increased awareness of your brand, products or services
  5. Portraying your brand in a positive light
  6. Educating people about your organisation
  7. Improved customer service.

That’s an impressive list of financial opportunities. Even if you pick one – increasing customer enquiries – take a moment to consider the value of each new enquiry to your business. Can you give it a monetary value? What is a long-term customer worth to your business? What about the other benefits listed above, can you assign a figure to each of those too?

Which category does your website fit into?

Hopefully, you agree that your website has the potential to contribute immensely to your business, to act as an investment rather than an expense. But perhaps this is not the case for you. Which category would you place your website in, do you see it as an expense or an investment? Is it contributing to your marketing efforts, or simply costing you money for little return?

There’s only one acceptable answer to this question

If you feel that your website is not delivering tangible results, unfortunately, you’re probably right. The good news is that there’s no reason your website shouldn’t be contributing in the ways listed above. Your website should be an investment, not an expense. If that’s not the case, let’s talk about the ways we can turn this situation around.

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