If your website could talk, what message would it be sending to your ideal customer?

(And I’m not referring to the text used on your website. Content is not the only opportunity that you have to send a positive message.)

Would your website indicate that you operate a successful company creating quality products? Or would it be telling a slightly different story…

Every interaction that your customer has with your site, is an opportunity to tell the right story. Making sure that it’s easy to find information on your site, is an opportunity to say you care. Setting up your website pages to load quickly, is an opportunity to say how important your customers are. Offering a seamless experience on a mobile device, is an opportunity to say that you value your customers time.

Your website full of golden opportunities to build confidence, loyalty and credibility with your brand. To leave visitors with a positive perception. And like it or not, perception is key.

Even though we all know that a dated website is rarely an indication of a companies service levels or product, that’s the negative perception it gives. That’s the story a dated website is telling.

If your website is accessible to the public, it’s talking. It doesn’t matter if your company has an income generating online shop, or a standard brochure website. If it’s talking, it should be singing your praises and speaking in line with your companies voice.

Send the right message, to the right people. And start today by bringing your website back in line with your brand.

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