While your website may not be able to speak in a language that you and I can understand, it’s certainly capable of communicating. And more than that, it’s highly skilled at sending messages, both conscious and unconscious.

Websites are able to communicate in the same way that human beings do, through body language – without words.

You see it’s not only your website text that’s sharing information with your readers. There are plenty of other signals that potential customers are exposed to. Signals that can encourage them to buy your product, or to cross you off their list of options, and browse elsewhere.

So what kind of message is your website sending?

Putting your website’s text and imagery aside, what’s the underlying message that your website is sending to your ideal customers?

Does your website indicate that you operate a successful Noosa company that cares about its customers and creates quality products or services? Or would it be telling a slightly different story…

Every interaction potential customers have with your website, is an opportunity to send the right message, to create the best perception and to tell the right story:

  • Is your website clunky or difficult to use? Maybe your team, products or services are too…
  • Is your website slow and/or erroring? Maybe your customer service is a bit average too…
  • Is your website cluttered or old-school? Maybe you don’t really care about your customers…

Yikes. Thankfully, the opposite is of course also true.

Your website is full of golden opportunities.

You’ve invested in a professional website, now use it to its full potential. Your website can build confidence, loyalty and credibility while leaving visitors with a positive perception. And like it or not, perception counts.

You and I know that an outdated website isn’t always an indication of a company’s service level, but that’s the negative perception that it gives. That’s the story an outdated, DIY or cluttered website is telling. The wrong story.

If your website is accessible to the public, it’s talking.

It doesn’t matter if have an online shop based in Noosa or a standard website for your Brisbane construction firm. If your website is talking, it should be singing your praises and communicating just like your top team member would.

Send the right message, to the right people. And start today by bringing your website back in line with your brand.

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