As a web development company, we’ve resolved countless WordPress website errors and hosting dramas for businesses. However, it’s usually not the bugs or code that grab our attention – it’s the underlying cause that concerns us. Because nine times out of ten, we know what the problem is before even looking: an unmanaged hosting environment.

In time, yes, we can fix the errors but that’s not going to prevent them from happening again because it’s not your website that’s failing you. It’s the flawed support systems resulting in errors, downtime and other time-wasting concerns.

It’s operating WordPress on an unmanaged hosting platform that’s the real problem.

Working blindfolded

WordPress is a powerful tool for businesses, offering a range of plugins to enhance functionality. However, managing these plugins and software updates without coding expertise is a risky business.

Updating WordPress and plugins without a thorough understanding of the code is like working blindfolded. Without insight into potential conflicts, you risk destabilizing your entire website with a single click.

The best approach? Leave it to the experts – your web developer, ideally the same one that built your website. With a deep understanding of your website’s code and dependencies, they can navigate updates seamlessly, mitigating risks before they arise.

Working smart

Here’s why Noosa businesses, and indeed any company, should steer clear of managing their own WordPress software and plugin updates:

1. Compatibility Issues: Plugins from different developers rarely play well together, leading to errors and downtime.

2. Security Vulnerabilities: Outdated plugins create entry points for hackers, exposing your website to potential breaches.

3. Time-Consuming: Managing updates can be a drain on resources, diverting attention from core business activities.

4. Costly Mistakes: Incorrect updates can result in website errors and downtime, damaging your brand’s reputation.

5. Expertise is Essential:  Without the ability to understand software logs and revisions and understand their interplay, relying on a web developer to manage your software updates is imperative.

Make the switch to managed hosting

Managing WordPress software updates and plugin updates is not a DIY task. Whether you’re a Noosa startup or a Brisbane corporation, moving your WordPress website to a managed hosting environment will save you from unnecessary headaches and setbacks.

If you’re currently managing your hosting, it’s time to reconsider. Find out if your current hosting provider is actively managing your software (for your website as well as the server it’s hosted on). If they aren’t, consider why they never enforced this and if they’re the best hosting partner for your business. If you were a family member, client or friend asking for website recommendations, I would only ever recommend WordPress in a managed hosting environment.

If you need to change providers, migrating is quick, easy and free. We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and full peace of mind so you can focus on what’s important to your business. Don’t let unmanaged hosting jeopardize your online presence – do your research, and make the switch to managed hosting today.

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