Our 9 Step Process.

Here’s a quick overview of the project steps.

1. Terms and conditions and deposit

You can review our T&Cs and will receive a deposit invoice shortly.


2. Requirements

We gather bits and pieces we don’t already have, like domain name login details and logo files.


3. Site Structure

We sign off the list of pages for your site, their names, and how they’re grouped together.


4. Text

I’ll request the text that needs to be displayed on the pages agreed upon in step 3.


5. Design

We look at websites you do/don’t like, and discuss your ideal design to make sure our concept/s are aligned.


6. Building

We build your server, the templates, code, on-page SEO and pages, along with the implementation of your branding, design and content.


7. Testing

We share the website with you, to experience for the first time. You can share any feedback for us to apply for retesting before going live.


8. Go live

The most exciting part: putting the websites live – followed by one more set of tests and Google’s best practice processes.


9. Review & Feedback

Once live, we’ll review the project, plan any second phases and start the review/feedback loop that we’ll continue to work through for the website’s lifetime to keep it in the best possible space.