Phancybox’s team is committed to improving our impact on the climate,
environment, people and planet.


Designing a more sustainable future.

Phancybox are committed to improving the impact that our company, and team, has on the environment.

While our commutes are short, and our emission minor, every bit counts.

And if not us, then who?


Our Actions.



Phancybox is a paperless office. There’s not a single ream of paper, printer or ink cartridge on the premises.



Recycling has been put in place, to empower all team members, customers and visitors to contribute.


No Single Use Plastic

We ensure that our team are all equipped with reusable water bottles and coffee cups reducing our use of plastic.


Reduced Travel

We work with businesses all around the world, but our interactions are mostly online, reducing our need to travel.


Supporting Local

We choose Noosa or Australian suppliers wherever possible, always conscious of our contribution to the local community.


Future Plans...

We’re working on a number of initiatives to further our contributions.

What’s next?


What’s next?

Keeping inline with our values, we will continue to research, reduce and improve, with the following projects on our radar:

  • Measuring, reviewing and offsetting our carbon emissions annually to achieve carbon neutral certification with Trace.
  • Contributing to our community through volunteering.
  • Investigating ways to get our customers involved.
  • Capturing rain water to reuse on our premises.
  • Reviewing our supplier’s sustainability positions.

What else can we do?

If you have an idea for how we can keep improving, we would love to hear from you.