A lot of business owners think they can reduce expenses by managing their own website. However, this is one of the most toxic things they can do.

Managing your own site changes, will water down your efforts and cost your business, in more ways than one.

Every time a change is applied to your website, by somebody other than an active online expert, you’re leaving an opportunity on the table.

  1. Opportunity to appeal to your target market
  2. Opportunity to increase the reach of your marketing
  3. Opportunity to increase enquiries and sales.

In other words, your web design will not be able to perform one of it’s most valuable functions.

Let me share an example:

Google reference over 200 properties, per page, when deciding if they should display yours in their search results. Did you know that each image on your site has 4 properties that Google check? That’s 4 opportunities, from 1 image. Think about that for a minute.

Unless you’re actively immersed in the online industry, it’s likely that each image you’re replacing is in fact half cooked, holding you back.

Stop dabbling, and start seeing results.

Investing in a reputable digital agency to manage your website for you, is exactly that: an investment. Invest in a website company that proactively keeps your website in the best possible position it can be in. After all, this is your business that we’re talking about.

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