After helping another web agency this week, I realised that there is still a serious misconception about SEO. I wanted to share this story with you, so that you can make better decisions, save time, money and the reputation you’ve worked so hard to obtain.

Let me explain.

Some time ago, a well established company invested a hefty sum of money, to have their website redesigned. Unfortunately, after going live, their rankings on Google started to slump, severely… until they finally disappeared from Google entirely (just imagine the loss of sales).

At this point, the client was wondering how their investment was in fact performing worse than their non-mobile friendly, outdated one. The agency included “SEO” in the web design proposal, so how could this be? Good question. You would be 100% right to be wondering the same.

Big agency + big investment = good SEO? NO!

That’s not how it works. You see SEO is not on/off. It’s 100% customised to each individual website, and yes, it can be done incorrectly. And yes, web agencies poor methods, half attempts and lack of knowledge can actively ruin your current position, costing you more than just finance.

And do you know what’s worse? Some agencies have no idea how damaging their efforts are, so they repeat them, with other unsuspecting business owners. Maybe someone you know and care about.

Before you redesign your website…

Redesigning a website impacts your visibility online, there’s no way around it. But if you bake SEO into every level of web design production, through every person involved, the change should only be positive, with your business appearing when it should in Google.

We don’t have 1 SEO expert at Phancybox, we have an entire team considering it in everything they do. Project management. Website design. Website development. Server technician. Content loader. Tester. Every single phase throughout any website design has an SEO element.

So while we could help this agency and business, our efforts were in no way as efficient as they should have been. Because this was an after thought. We couldn’t undo the poor decisions, we could only patch them up. And plasters don’t last forever.

Prove it!

Web companies can talk the talk, but can they prove their past successes when it comes to SEO? Regardless of their size, number of offices and years of experience, regardless of what their web design proposal says, ask for proof. And don’t take no for an answer.

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