When you add content to your website, are you writing for humans, or a search engine? Consider this carefully, as the answer will drastically impact your efforts.

Yes, we are always being pushed to follow Googles rules. And yes, SEO is important, but (and there’s always a but) there is a finesse to getting the right balance.

Search engine optimisation is hinged on hundreds of properties, not only content and keywords.  So focus on what you know best: your brand, products and services. Write about your point of difference, and why people should buy your products. Leave the Google requirements to those that live and breathe SEO.

After all, there is no value attracting drive by traffic. What you want, are people who are going to arrive, and look around for more. So remember who you are writing for. That is what’s going to improve the quality of your visitors, and attract your ideal clients.

At the end of the day, it’s humans that will hire you or buy your products, not Google.

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