Google’s goal is to connect people with information. They don’t favour web design companies like ours, or large powerful corporations. They want what’s best for you: a human being, searching for answers.

So how can you use this simple logic to your advantage?

Google is software. Software has rules.

Remember that Google is only a program. At a very high level, it’s been built to match questions with the most helpful answers, to match search queries with website pages.

Now, while you can’t alter the logic of their software, you can alter your website, and the information that Google use to make their decisions.

By simply filling in all the gaps and reducing their risk of recommending your site, you’re making yourself the obvious choice (here is a quick SEO test).

Help Google help you

By giving Google what they need – and expect – in the way that they need it, you remove the friction. You increase their understanding and clarity, empowering their algorithm to safely recommend your site. You’re helping them reach their goal of connecting people to helpful information.

By helping Google, you’re helping yourself. Increased awareness of your products, brand or services generates more traffic to your website, but not just any traffic. Relevant traffic, from people actively searching for your products and services. And from there, you’ll see an increase in website enquiries, sales and phone calls.

Let’s get started

Reaching – and remining on – page one of Google is not rocket science. But there is a science to it.

And it’s not just Google you need to worry about, there are other moving targets impacting your visibility too. So it’s a constantly moving target that requires ongoing efforts.

Don’t do it alone. SEO is not something you should dabble in, after all, you don’t know what you don’t know about SEO.

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