There are 3 things that should happen, every time you Google your company name on a pc.  Try it, you will only need 1 minute. Open your browser and Google your businesses name. No locations or keywords, just the name of your business. For example, instead of searching for Wanaka Web Design, I’d simply try Phancybox.

These are the 3 things you should notice:

  1. You should appear first
  2. You should appear in all other results on the page
  3. Your reviews and contact details should appear on the right hand side

For a visual of those 3 areas, just Google Phancybox. Notice how the entire page is dedicated to us. We’ve covered imagery, social media platforms, important web pages, reviews and contact details. Looks good doesn’t it?

This presence sends a message to prospective clients. And, just like your website, it should be sending the right message.

Is your coverage as thorough as they should be? We can help fill in those essential gaps, if you’re not getting the results you’d expect.

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