This week was a great week. I helped a new client go from having no presence on Google (none!) to knocking out her 2 largest competitors for multiple high-priority phrases. But there was a catch.

We did it all in under 24 hours

No, that’s not the catch, and it’s also not a typo. We had her business appearing on page 1 of Google, for her highest priority search phrases, in under 24 hours…

The good news is that she has since noticed an immediate increase in email inquiries & quality web visitors. And the more quality visitors she receives, the better her SEO will become.  And the better her SEO becomes, the more clients she will receive (SEO has a fantastic snowball effect).

So what’s the bad news?

SEO takes time, so how did we create this SEO magic overnight? Here comes the catch…

When her website was originally designed, 2 years ago, it was done so by someone with no knowledge about SEO. So much so, that they actually blocked her entire website from being indexed by Google. They set up the website so that Google was prevented from ever displaying her website in ANY search results. Ouch.

That’s 2 years of lost sales & growth

From 1 single setting when her website was launched 2 years ago, she has lost hundreds of inquiries, lost sales, online exposure, brand awareness, reputation building, and client relationship growth. How do you even put a value on that? Regardless of your business size or status, that’s a huge hit.

Start asking questions

Unfortunately, web design and SEO are not mutually inclusive services, so please do your research, and ask questions. While it may be tempting to have a friend or family member design your website, remember that an effective website is a long-term investment into your business, not a cost. So speak to a professional to get it done right the first time round.

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