You need to do something far more valuable before paying for online advertising. What I am about to share with you, will improve your online advertising results and reduce your costs.

And that’s just the beginning. As a spin-off, your website will be able to perform it’s most important function. You’ll start to receive more enquiries, and attract more clients.

Before paying another cent for online advertising, we need to ensure that your website is inline with today’s best practises. Why? Because you’ll be penalised if you don’t. And in more ways than one. Let me explain.

Providers are keeping score

Did you know that online advertising providers, like Google Ads and Facebook, give you a score when you advertise with them? This score determines two important factors: the success of your advertising campaign, and the cost. The bigger your score, the better your results.

So, how do we increase your score?

We improve your users experience on your website. Google see this as a “measure of how well your website gives people what they’re looking for when they click your ad“. In real terms, it’s offering your visitors:

Offer your visitors an exceptional experience, and you will receive exceptional results. And, there’s another equally important positive spin off when you improve your online presence.

It’s a win-win situation

While an enhanced website will improve your advertising results, Googles natural tendency to suggest your website in search results (for free!) will increase too. In other words, this strategy will improve your organic SEO, putting your website right in front of those looking for it.

And the best part? Your increased visibility online reduces your need to pay for online advertising in the first place.

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