There are many misconceptions about SEO, so let’s flick the topic around and compare it to something we can all understand.

SEO is just like a diet

The same logic and processes apply to both:

  1. Acknowledge the challenge.
  2. Set your goals.
  3. Educate yourself.
  4. Get expert advice.
  5. Create good habits.
  6. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Just like any good diet, when it comes to SEO, you don’t stop your newly formed habits when you reach your goal. You persist with those habits, turning them into a new lifestyle.

SEO is not a once off task

Retaining your visibility in Google requires ongoing, professionally applied efforts.

When last did you review your SEO strategy, or even your visibility on Google? Our SEO services include access to a rank auditor, but you can simply create a spreadsheet for your highest priority keywords – keywords your clients would use to look for products/services like yours – and track them.

Count how far down the list you are on page one of Google. Or which page you appear on, if you’re not on page one. Don’t go much deeper than page three though (when last did you look at page three’s results for a search)?

Where to from here?

If you’re not where you’d expected, don’t panic.

There is plenty that can be done to enhance your position, get in touch with us today for some help.

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