I found a really handy service last week. Something I’ve been searching for, for years. What surprised me the most wasn’t the fact that this company exists, but rather that it took me so long to find it. I thought they must be a new business, but it turns out I was wrong. They’ve been operating for years, which means I’ve been missing out for just as long, and so have they.

Maximise your opportunities by maximising your exposure

This company had an impressive website, but zero presence on Google. I did a little digging and quickly understood why. Unfortunately, there was no way for Google to connect me, a buyer, with them, the seller even though a relationship between the two of us would have been mutually beneficial. What’s even more unfortunate is that I see this all the time: – People that want a service, can’t find it. – Business owners that offer a service, can’t sell it. The logic needed to connect the two – an SEO strategy – is missing.

There’s an easy way forward

Google processes over 40,000 search queries every second. That’s around 3.5 billion searches per day, and many missed opportunities if your business is invisible to Google. Setting your website up in a way that they understand is not rocket science but it doesn’t happen by default, and it’s not a DIY job.

Do you have an exceptional product or service?

If you have an exceptional product, you owe it to your community to make it available to those that need it. There are people actively looking for the problems you solve right now. We can help connect you with them. At Phancybox, we have the ability to connect buyers and sellers. I know this service has a profound impact on others, so I can’t just sit back and ignore it. I put it up front and centre on Google, making it easily accessible for everyone looking for help to find it. Are you doing the same? PS. In response to a reader’s query about this article, I’ve shared some tests you can run, to figure out if you’re missing out or not.

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