Everybody wants to be on page 1 of Google for their search terms. But, did you know that the actions people take to increase their visibility online, often leads to the complete opposite result?

Small business owners often dabble with search engine optimisation, with disastrous effects. And, it might surprise you to know, that many web design companies do the same, with an added disadvantage: They don’t even know how damaging their efforts are, so they offer the same poor service to someone else.

Today I want to make sure, that you don’t end up as that “someone else”.

How can SEO be good and bad?

It can’t. SEO is always beneficial! It’s the companies applying (their version of) it that introduce the negative results.

You see SEO can be done incorrectly. There’s not a simple checklist to go through, a websites position in Google can be thoroughly destroyed without the necessary expertise and tools.

How are web companies destroying your SEO?

By cutting corners. And corner cutting is not an SEO strategy that will produce positive results… ever! Increasing your visibility on Google is time consuming. Every page, on every website requires a different approach. This is why some SEO companies cut corners. Some do this knowingly to save time, while others are blissfully unaware of the damage they’re causing. Neither are helping to you.

How can you make better SEO choices?

I want to make sure that you’re never associated with the time saving agencies, or the SEO ignorant companies, so choose wisely.

Don’t be afraid to ask your web design company questions. Can they show you results of past successes (please note the plural!)? Can they share case studies, or statistics to back their statements?

You can even take it 1 step further and test some of their clients websites yourself. Do their clients websites come up in relevant search results? Try a variety of terms per client, and if you don’t get the results you’d expect, ask the agency to explain why.

You don’t need to know SEO inside out like we do, but you do need to be able to make the best decisions for your business. Visibility online is essential to increasing your website enquiries and sales, get it done right.

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