If you have text inside an image file that you need as text, don’t waste time retyping it out manually. You can simply convert the text in that image, to text.

An OCR or Optical Character Recognition is the tool that’ll do the trick. OCR’s are able to extract the letters, words and punctuation inside the image, into a text area for you to copy/paste and use elsewhere. Here’s how to do it:

Save time converting images to text

1. Go to

2. Click Choose File to locate and upload the image in question.


3. When they’ve finished uploading your file – indicated by a green line under the file name – you can scroll down to change your language, or just click on Start to download the text file.


4. Finally you can open the txt file to copy/paste your text where it’s needed.

Hint: We always recommend triple-checking the results, as some characters may be rendered incorrectly.

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