There are a number of ways to make your website load faster, and image optimisation is definitely the first place to start.

Uploading large images to your website is going to have a negative impact on the page load speed, which has a negative impact on your visitors and of course, on your Google ranking…

Thankfully, there are a number of free tools (that don’t require you to be a Photoshop wizz), to reduce the file size of an image, without making it blurry or pixelated.

We use PIXresizer on a daily basis to prepare images for loading onto websites, and after years of use, we still comment on its magical effects.  PIXresizer  lets you reduce the size of a photo, without having a negative impact on how it looks, or on its dimensions (see, I told you it was magic). This allows you to have the same visual end result, but with a file that’s going to load faster on your website.

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You can follow these easy step-by-step instructions on how to reduce your image file size, and get your website loading faster today:

How to reduce the file size of an image

1. Download PIXresizer

2. Run setup.exe

3. Once the program is installed, open PIXresizer

4. Click the Load Picture button

PIXresizer is a free tool for reducing the file size of images improving page load speed

5. Browse to, and select the image you want to work with, on your computer

6. Select 100% (so that the dimensions of the image remain unchanged)

How to reduce image file sizes without making the blurry

7. Choose your file type (we recommend JPEG for websites)

How to reduce image file sizes without making the blurry or changing their dimensions

8. Click the Save Picture button to browse to, and select the location you’d like the image to be saved to.

Reduce large photograph file sizes to smaller ones

If your image isn’t already optimised, you’ll find yourself with a second version of your image, that looks the same, has the same image dimensions, but now has a much smaller file size.

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