It’s easy to overlook quality web hosting, and instead be attracted to the $5  deals. But there is 1 surprising reason to avoid them: cheap hosting will cost you in the long run. And not just financially.

Imagine for a moment that your website went down. At the worst possible time. Now, assign a financial value that experience.

  • How much would it cost you, if your golden advertising campaign was shared with thousands, but nobody could access it?
  • How many sales would you lose, if your online shop was down during the Boxing Day sales?
  • How damaging would it be, if your highly anticipated ticket sales couldn’t be purchased?
  • What would it cost you, if your shareholders were unable to access a time sensitive press release?

And in reality, with the wrong hosting, it’s not only going to happen once.

While low-cost hosting will guarantee a small hosting fee, the alternative can offer you so much more. Quality web hosting is an opportunity for peace of mind. Choosing a reliable hosting provider let’s you be available when you customers need you to be.

When reviewing your hosting plan next quarter, ask yourself, can you really afford cheap hosting?

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