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Branding & Logo Projects

Branding says a lot about your business. We’re here to make sure it says the right things, to the right people.

Aligning your brand to your business ambitions is key to long-term success. Through a truly effective creative, we can tell your story, bring your brand to life and help build your reputation here in the Sunshine Coast, or further afield.

With a clear picture of your ideal client, company vision and a thorough understanding of your goals, we can get to work on your brand assets. To design a creative logo that speaks to your ideal market, and carries you through all future marketing decisions and direction.

The benefits of an effective logo

Your company logo has the ability to share all kinds of information to your clients:

  • Emotions that are associated with your company. Imagine a palm tree in the logo of a beach side resort. Even the colours used in your logo can impact how people feel about your brand.
  • Location specific information. Ideal for companies with multiple offices.
  • Product or service offerings. Straplines are great for abstract company names.
  • Cost can even be portrayed through the use of luxury concepts, helping you appeal to the right audience.
  • Values and key differences can be portrayed in an effective logo too.

Your logo says a lot about your business

  • Is your logo outdated?
  • Is your logo difficult to read?
  • Is your logo icon confusing?
  • Is the text in your logo too small to be legible?

You want the opposite. Remember that your logo is an extension of your business – you want it to be current and on-trend, easy to understand your products and services and steamless to deal with.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your current logo, or require a new one for your start-up, please contact Judy to discuss your goals.

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