Positive Medicine Institute

Project Details.

Using technology to improve health & wellbeing.

The Positive Medicine Institute is a charitable trust with the purpose of improving the health and wellbeing of all New Zealanders. Initiated by Dr David Beaumont, the team have put together a number of ways that both businesses and individuals can contribute towards their cause.

We’ve been fortunate enough to work with Dr Beaumont on two previous website projects. All three focusing on the same goal, to shake up the status quo in the medical industry, enabling people to see how life and health are inextricably linked, empowering them to regain control.

Extending brand consistency.

We enabled the team to extend their branding across multiple businesses, by duplicating the structure and design logic.

When using the Positive Medicine Institute website, it’s immediately clear that the brand is associated to Positive Medicine.

Not only does this approach lend itself to the team’s over-aching goals, but it is also a cost-effective way to initiate and maintain multiple websites.


Spreading the word with effective SEO.

If a website doesn’t appear in Google for relevant searches, it’s really only performing at 50% capacity (at the most). The only people capable of finding that website would be those who already know about it. But what about the rest? When you introduce a new business into this logic, that 50% becomes a very small number of people. An effective SEO strategy for new websites is key.

Part of our development process included a thorough SEO strategy – a way to connect Google to their ideal audience – for optimal awareness. Google’s algorithm doesn’t take Dr Beaumont’s years of experience into account. They don’t consider the team he has backing his efforts or how effective his wellness programmes are. When the website is launched, Google set the companies online reputation to zero. 

The team have the information at hand to increase their domain authority, while we optimised each page individually, sharing each update directly with Google.  

A fast website is a good website.

Websites can differ in speed and overall performance vastly. You’ll hear us go on about this regularly, and for good reason. It’s not only your customers that appreciate fast website loading times, Google does too. 

Your website speed has a direct impact on your Google results. And your Google results have a direct result on your business, product or service awareness.

With this in mind, our team pay special attention to optimising speed in all areas possible, because every step counts. Our WordPress hosting is configured specifically for each individual website we build, and they’re all managed in house too, so our clients gain all the benefits of hosting with their web design company.



Judy and the Phancybox team have been awesome to work with, they patiently supported us as we developed our product and listened to what we really wanted to develop a website that we at Positive Medicine are super happy with, thank you Judy!

Gayle Snyders, Positive Medicine Institute