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While Sunshine Coast Elevators is a relatively young company, business owner Darren Kiker has been in the industry for decades. After spending years working on large scale commercial elevator projects throughout Australia, Darren relocated with his lovely wife (and adorable pooch) to the Sunshine Coast.

Darren’s main goal is to help people remain in their family homes for a few years longer, by retrofitting elevators to existing properties. Installing a lift into a residential home is far more cost effective than you’d think. We all know the costs involved in selling a property in Queensland, from legal fees to stamp duty and buyers agent charges. But when stairs become an issue in family homes, selling isn’t the only option. Sunshine Coast Elevators source, install and maintain customisable Italian elevators. So regardless of your décor, style or structural limitations, Sunshine Coast Elevators can create a solution.

And the best part? He’s genuinely lovely to work with.

Websites for reputation based businesses.

Reputation based businesses rely less on their websites than most, but when planned correctly, they can offer a few golden opportunities. The most immediate is the positive perception that comes with a website. For starters, all you have to do is have one. Without a website, the incorrect assumptions made by potential clients start to flow. From this point onwards, it’s as simple as ensuring the website is an accurate representation of your business – fast, professional and helpful.

Aside from this, reputation based businesses can benefit from the correct structure of a website, in the form of time saving. Sharing the information that people need, in the way that they need it, frees up your staff, your phone and your inbox from repetitive queries. But at the same time, gives you the opportunity to create some curiosity, to encourage them to reach out, generating sales and enquiries.

A carefully curated, all inclusive website is the perfect reference point for people to go to, after they’ve heard about your excellent product or service. A well-presented website serves as a confirmation of the stories potential clients have heard about you and answers any other questions they may have, including how to get in touch with you.

And for those that aren’t aware of your solutions, appearing on page 1 of Google for respective search results, helps you to help people before you’ve even met! Not everybody knows that you can retrofit a residential elevator to an existing home. Now the chances of them coming across the fact that this is possible, and that there’s someone reliable and trustworthy nearby to do it, just doubled.

Custom Sunshine Coast web design using WordPress.

All of our websites are custom designed, from the ground up. We stopped using old school WordPress themes almost a decade ago, given the risk and downsides that they pose to our clients.

Designing and building a WordPress website without an untested, unsupported third party theme, gives us full control. This method allows us far more freedom over the way that code is used, and the way that the website is displayed. This is key to both SEO (helping our clients reach page 1 of Google search results), as well as offering brand consistency, what ever that may mean for our clients. In this case, it’s clean, sharp, fast and professional.

A fast WordPress website is a good WordPress website.

WordPress is often hosted on the wrong servers, using the wrong framework and the wrong structure – all of which have a negative impact on the speed of the website. Now while you may not notice a fast website, you’ll certainly notice a slow one…

There are so many contributing factors that impact the speed of a website. You’ll hear us go on about this regularly, and for good reason. Fast website hosting has a direct correlation to helping you reach page 1 of Google. Yip, it’s not only your customers that appreciate fast page loading times, Google does too. A fast website actually increases your visibility in Google search results.

With website performance being important to our clients, and our clients clients, we pay special attention to speed. Our web hosting servers are build specifically to suit each individual website that we build, because one size does not fit all. 

Remember, the best time for new beginnings is now!

Changing service providers and/or systems might seem daunting, but usually it’s the lack of change that holds us back. Are you getting the exceptional results that your business deserves? Share your concerns and challenges, pick our brains! Our intent is to partner with you, through thick and thin, from the word go.