Racers Edge

Project Details.

NZ Web Design for Racers Edge.

Racers Edge is an iconic Wanaka retail store. Powered by New Zealand’s Torpedo7, the team at Racers Edge have it all: superior products, a reputation for outstanding after-sale service and the retail experience to keep it all in sync.

Racers Edge is a seasonal shop. Throughout the Winter months, they sell NZ ski and snowboard apparel. When the snow starts to melt, the team have their shelves stocked with the latest bikes and accessories.

The Challenge.

Designing a structure that allowed for the changing of Winter to Summer product and services, was our first challenge. It was essential for Racers Edge season-specific customers to be able to locate relevant information, regardless of the time of year. The solution was to ensure that seasonal content that was easily edited, through the use of a flexible CMS.

The user experience appeals to the current season, and seamlessly changes as the weather does.

A unique requirement for Racers Edge, was the need to promote products, without selling them.  The ecommerce website has all of the online retail store functionality for a New Zealand website, with one small difference. The Add to Cart functionality has been replaced with an Enquire feature. Visitors can browse products, and then simply submit a query instead of purchasing.

Racers Edge has always been an evolving company. Phancybox delivered the comprehensive website to allow for even further expansion, as it seems there is nothing holding back this passionate team from even further development.

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