Project Details.

Bozeman Web Design for Polar Tourism Guides Association.

Polar Tourism Guides Association is dedicated to creating international standards, for the polar tourism industry. Their focus is on educating all involved, in an attempt to preserve the delicate ecosystems in the polar regions.

Backed by a team of passionate industry professionals, the PTGA are already gaining traction with membership buy-in from some major influencers across the globe.

The Challenge.

Our biggest challenge throughout the process, was flexibility. We needed to ensure that the Polar Tourism Guides Association website design and functionality could handle the upcoming change of such a new concept. We knew that the end game would continue to shift, and needed to plan for the unexpected.
We launched the website in a 3 phases. The custom designed landing page contributed towards having a presence online, while the PTGA were reaching out to potential members. Next up we launched the full “brochure website”. This version contained all of the necessary information, for potential members to learn more about the organisation and what they had to offer. The final phase was the introduction of the membership functionality. Polar Tourism Guides Association members were then able to purchase and manage their membership profiles online.

We have such respect for all parties involved. We are both humbled by the enormity of the project, and excited about the impact this initiative can have on the environment.

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