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Cromwell, New Zealand

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Custom Web Design for PositiveMedicine.

PositiveMedicine was established by Dr. David Beaumont, author and consultant occupational physician.

The organisation’s goal is to help Kiwi’s shift their focus to preventive or proactive health, from physical and psychological, to emotional and spiritual well-being. PositiveMedicine are changing the way we view disease prevention, aiming for a vibrant sense of well-being.

Working directly with individuals with a desire to take back control of their lives, to corporate businesses looking to invest in their team’s well being, the benefits are clear and achievable. 

We were engaged to deliver a comprehensive website that was both inline with the companies goals, as well as being optimised to help them reach more New Zealanders’ through Google

Advanced SEO services for a new business.

PositiveMedicine is a new business, and like most, they were eager to generate awareness of the new brand. From a web perspective, the easiest way for us to reach more people, is through a well thought out SEO strategy.

New domain names, like PositiveMedicine’s, have no authority on in the internet. They have no websites linking to them, the domain name’s age is under a year old and they have no references/chatter about them online. All of this comes naturally with age, but for new businesses, it’s essential to give the SEO a good nudge from the word go. They’ve got some catching up to do.

Lightening fast web hosting.

Research shows that you’ve got 3 seconds to grab and retain people’s attention, before you lose them completely.

There are a few elements that contribute towards the speed of a website, but having quality website hosting is the best place to start. From there, we review the systems and software being used through to the way that the code is written and presented on a page.

All aspects considered, we’ve optimised the PositiveMedicine website to offer a speedy experience for visitors, contributing towards their experience, as well as the SEO efforts for the PositiveMedicine team.

Beautiful branding.

Leigh Cooper at Hatch’d created the branding for PositiveMedicine, and we think she’s nailed it.

We encourage all of our clients to invest in appropriate branding, even if it’s just a logo design, before starting a web design project.

Your branding sets the tone, and leads the way for all future marketing decisions. It helps you retain consistency, and to appeal to the right people, today, and for years to come.



“Judy and the Phancybox team have been awesome to work with, they patiently supported us as we developed our product and listened to what we really wanted to develop a website that we at Positive Medicine are super happy with, thank you Judy!”

Gayle Snyders, Positive Medicine