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Key Results: 185% increase in overall website visitors.

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Wanaka, New Zealand

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Renovating Level Construction’s performance & position.

When we launched the original Level Construction website seven years ago, it was an accurate representation of the luxurious homes they build in Wanaka. Today, while their quality builds and renovations remained steadfast, their website was no longer sending the right message. So we reviewed Level Construction’s current goals, revenue streams and marketing channels, to develop a strategy for the way forward.

Our first task was to redesign their website, to help reposition their brand, and improve overall website performance.

With 178% increase in new users via organic Google search, I think we nailed it.

+ 178%

Increase in new users via organic Google search.

+ 123%

Increase in engaged sessions via organic Google search.

+ 185%

Increase in overall websites visitors.

185% increase in overall website visitors.

Even if you stay on top of your SEO, over time, your efforts will become somewhat watered down.

Redesigning the seven year old Level Construction website gave us the ideal opportunity to take advantage of today’s best practises, to appeal to Google via every angle. From the way we use our code, and the unique configuration of our hosting servers, to the on page SEO properties and use of next-gen imagery.

When it comes to SEO, every bit counts, and starting afresh is absolutely priceless in this regard – with some fine print of course…

The SEO fine print.

Some SEO properties carry the benefits of longevity with them. So even though we were starting fresh, certain SEO aspects needed to be gently carried across to the new site.

These aspects bring their SEO history and markers with them to the new site, keeping Google in the loop. They tell Google a story. And in this case, they’re explaining that Level Construction are still as exceptional as they’ve always been, and that Google should continue to recommend them in relevant searches.

A custom WordPress web design.

We kept Level Construction on WordPress. This CMS offered all of the benefits needed, to help them reach their goals. 

The biggest difference, was that we moved them off an old school theme, onto a more robust framework. We stopped using WordPress themes some time ago, given the high risk they imposed on our clients. 

The new WordPress set up will contribute towards the longevity of the website with added benefits:


  • Seeing changes as you make them.
  • Faster editing – just click and type.
  • Building new pages using a drag and drop feature.
  • Easily hide elements on mobile, tablets or desktop views.
  • Setting up reusable elements.
  • Cloning formatting, elements, sections or entire pages in a few clicks.
  • Easily preview changes in mobile, tablet or desktop.
  • Faster loading times (front and backend!).

A phased approach.

We love releasing websites in phases, particularly with website redesigns.

For start up businesses, this method aids cash flow, momentum and marketing data analysis prior to implementing change i.e. being 100% sure that you need those bells and whistles before implementing them.

And for established businesses – like Level Construction – they offer a supportive hand when a team’s time is better spent doing what they do best. Phased releases reduce the time and resource pressure for our clients.

We launch the new website with the essentials, instantly offering value to our clients – and our clients clients – and then schedule in the next phases over an agreed period.

Everybody wins.



“We can not rate the team at Phancybox highly enough. They are excellent to deal with, efficient, great communicators, professional and they provide a result driven service second to none in my experience. Extremely happy to recommend Judy and Nick to any business or individual.”

Robyn Millar, Business Owner, Level Construction