Kristy Jennings

Project Details.

Wanaka Web Design for Kristy Jennings

Meet Kristy Jennings. She’s already a full time mum and a business owner, but has taken on yet another exciting challenge. As an accomplished age grouper, she’s recently turned it up a notch, by committing to race as a pro New Zealand triathlete, on the international stage.

Given our teams love of the sport (and this high energy Wanaka local!),  we were really excited about contributing towards her journey. Kristy is backed by Wanaka’s Racers Edge, Turnkey Homes, Design Windows, and now also by Phancybox.

Sharing the Love.

The main objective with Kristy’s web design, was to give back to her sponsors. She wanted to raise awareness of these companies, and show her appreciation for their support.

Aside from also portraying her profile and upcoming events, Kristy has yet another challenge on the cards. After overcoming a fear of open water swimming, she’s looking to give back to sporting community. Kristy will be mentoring a Wanaka athlete, educating and empowering them to both set and achieve their goals.

Kristy’s unwavering commitment to anything she sets her mind to, is so inspiring to us all. We’re behind her 100% of the way, and are holding thumbs for a podium in her next event.

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“The team at Phancybox are fantastic to work with. They are efficient and super friendly. I love what they did with my website and they are really quick to do any updates that I request. Thank you Nick and Judy!”

Kristy Jennings, Owner