Blue Chair Wisdom

Project Details.

Health / Medical / Sport​

Auckland, New Zealand

Web Design, SEO, Web Hosting & Web Development

Comprehensive Website for Blue Chair Wisdom.

Brenda Wille, life coach at Blue Chair Wisdom, is all about helping chronic trauma suffers gain back their control, teaching them how to live without pain, one step at a time. Brenda’s own journey through pain, allows her to relate to those in need – combined with her experience, and proven TRE techniques, she really is making a difference.

The Challenge.

In an attempt to contribute towards Brenda’s outstanding efforts, our first challenge was to help her reach those in need, to empower people living in chronic pain by letting them know that they have options. We researched, planned and implemented a solid SEO strategy to connect pain sufferers with Blue Chair Wisdom, in an attempt to do just that.

This was only half of the challenge though – being such an extremely personal and sensitive topic, we needed to ensure Brenda was given the time to tell her story, to connect with her visitors and to start building a relationship from their first visit.

While our main objective was to encourage visitors to reach out to Brenda, being able to show those at a complete loss that it is possible to live without chronic pain, was a close second.

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