Key Results: 84% increase in organically acquired search results

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Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

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Giving a software company a vessel for success.

Recently we delivered the redesigned Vessel-Check website, with some cracking results. We were brought onboard to lift the presence of the website, from a design point of view, as well as from a online visibility angle.

Vessel-Check is the DHI Groups software application for the management of ballast water, and biofouling for vessels and fleets. What a fascinating solution for a global problem.

And the software is as sophisticated and beneficial to fleet managers and port authorities, as the team were passionate and just wonderful to work with.

+ 60%

Increase in new website visitors / users.

+ 1

Page one of Google for top keywords.

+ 84%

Increase in organically acquired search results.

84% increase in organically acquired search results.

We include thorough SEO in all web design projects, because we don’t believe a website can function at 100% capacity without it. Without effective SEO, your website can only serve the people that know it exists.

For a relatively new domain name, and business, filling that remaining 50% was key.

We implemented an SEO strategy that delivered an 84% increase in organically acquired search results. We also watched their most favourable keywords reach page one of Google, alongside a 60% increase in new website visitors.

How we targeted multiple audiences.

A key challenge for us was managing Vessel-Check’s diverse audience. The Vessel-Check software can be used by three distinct groups.

We planned the website structure to make navigation for each group quick, easy and crystal clear. We reduced the friction, empowering visitors to seamlessly engage with the website, without confusion or clutter.

Simplifying complex subscription packages.

The solutions offered by Vessel-Check are fairly complex in nature, so displaying their subscription packages in an easy to understand and digest manner was essential.

We included their annually discounted rates, which change on-screen, on the fly, as well as clear calls to action throughout. To include extra information, without introducing clutter, we opted for mouse hover tool tips, which work well on mobile too.

Allowing for easy website updates.

As with most software, Vessel-Check is constantly being improved and updated. With this in mind, the features, benefits and software screenshots needed to be easily edited by the team.

We designed the website on the WordPress CMS, using the fastest and most flexible framework (no old-school, templated themes here!). The team’s marketing manager quickly grasped the editing concepts and now makes light work of applying regular changes.

Serving the website in 8 different languages.

Vessel-Check is available in 8 different languages.

The translator service in use is an automated one, but includes the ability to override automated rules. We went this route because we’ve found that many of the automated language translators aren’t quite as accurate as they should be.

Manually overriding words, sentences or entire paragraphs allows Vessel-Check to serve their biofouling software appropriately, regardless of visitors lingual preferences.

Migrating hundreds of website pages.

Part of the project included the migration of all knowledge base articles, from their third party platform. These guides were incorporated into the WordPress website, making the management of all things web far easier for the team.

Clear navigation and smart anchors were used to contribute towards the user journey.

A fast website is a good website.

Being a software company, it was essential that we delivered the website on a fast, and robust Australian hosting solution.

Given this is their industry, the fast hosting created the right perception, for people interacting with the website.



“Judy and Nick were (and still are) great to deal with, they walked us through the whole new website process, including SEO producing an excellent result, we are very happy with the outcome and our ongoing relationship.”

Alex Robertson, Sales & Marketing, DHI Group, Gold Coast