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Auckland, New Zealand

Shopify Web Design, SEO & Web Support

Sea Shepherd New Zealand Shop Web Design.

Sea Shepherd New Zealand are on a mission: to protect our ocean wildlife. Given our team’s values and love of all things that live and breath, it’s an understatement to stay that we were excited to have the chance to contribute, even in the smallest of ways.

Sea Shepherd produce branded apparel, made from ethically sourced organic Indian cotton. With this in mind, it’s important to note that sales generated from their website contribute towards environmental conservation, as well as to the organic trade markets.  

Sea Shepherd were eager to improve the usability of their website. To ensure that visitors were able to navigate the website seamlessly, gathering information as easily as possible, to make the best, informed decisions. To help where they can, and spread the word with like minded individuals.

A budget friendly Shopify web design.

As a non-profit organisation, our main challenge was identifying a suitable web design solution, with the least financial impact on the business. Shopify was an obvious choice as a flexible CMS, that’s both easy to use, cost effective, offers a fantastic user experience, and looks great. 

The design and structure are simple, just like their message: everybody can contribute in their own way to help Sea Shepherd New Zealand protect our ocean wildlife.

Retaining existing SEO scores.

Every change made to a website, needs to add value. When it comes to redesigning existing websites, retaining SEO score’s is one of the most frequently overlooked, but essential aspects. Even if you have not consciously attempted to improve your SEO score, it’s happened/happening in the background. Redesigning a website without careful consideration and planning of existing content, can have severe impacts on a websites visibility on Google. 

With this in mind, we created a solid SEO strategy to account for Sea Shepherd New Zealand’s existing SEO score, and to enhance it from there. Value added. 

Improved user experience.

Part of the Shopify web design project was to improve the user journey. Tidying up duplicate pages (which are both confusing to visitors, and Google), restructuring and/or renaming pages so that they made logical sense to human beings, and making sure that all content was easily accessible throughout the site.

At the same time, the shop pages were cleaned up, offering a visually appealing experience for shoppers.

Sea Shepherd have a variety of clothing apparel and accessories to choose from. If you’d like to contribute, have a look through their shop, or you can donate directly to their cause. Pick an amount, and you’re on your way. Too easy.

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