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Key Results: 975% increase in completed video sessions.

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Revolutionizing Urological Care in Australia.

For decades, Dr. Chabert has been at the forefront of innovative medical procedures and platforms. He introduced Queensland’s first GreenLight laser prostatectomy program, a milestone that paved the way for his subsequent role in sharing knowledge through training and lectures. Dr. Chabert introduced the initial laparoscopic prostatectomy in rural Australia and performed the first laparoscopic radical prostatectomy on the Gold Coast.

His commitment remains unwavering, as he continues to lead as the most prolific robotic surgeon on the Gold Coast. At Phancybox, we’re dedicated to crafting impactful websites that resonate with your mission. The Prostate Clinic’s new website is a testament to our collaborative efforts since 2016, and we’re excited to continue delivering excellence in design, functionality, and user experience.

+ 612%

Increase in video progression length.

+ 27%

Increase in new users through organic search.

+ 975%

Increase in completed video sessions.

Harnessing the power of video content.

Dr. Chabert’s educational video content has become a cornerstone within the medical community. These videos serve as invaluable resources for both medical professionals and patients seeking information and guidance.

To enhance accessibility, we’ve seamlessly integrated Dr. Chabert’s video content throughout the website, offering diverse communication mediums for his visitors.

Within a month of launching the new website, the number of videos watched to completion increased by 975%, a huge win given the priority of video throughout the website.



Fostering patient trust.

Understanding the sensitivity of The Prostate Clinic’s services, our priority was instilling trust in every website visitor.

Dr. Chabert’s biography page has been meticulously crafted to alleviate concerns and apprehensions that may arise during challenging research. Our aim is to reassure patients that they’re under the care of one of the nation’s top urologists, ensuring they’re in capable hands.

Mobile-First Approach.

Recognizing the evolving digital landscape, our research revealed a significant shift in traffic trends – over 70% of visitors now access The Prostate Clinic’s website from mobile devices. Our design strategy took this into account, beginning with a desktop-focused design and seamlessly transitioning to a customized mobile and tablet experience. This approach acknowledges the distinct user behaviours across devices, guaranteeing a unified and user-centric experience.

A mega menu was implemented for larger device sizes, to aid navigation and offer a faster access to information, with a condensed version setup on mobile.


Preserving organic SEO.

The significance of organic SEO cannot be overstated. While redesigned websites have the potential to boost online visibility, mismanagement can lead to the opposite effect.

Drawing from our extensive experience, we’ve consistently contributed to The Prostate Clinic’s SEO efforts. Our meticulous planning ensures that this crucial aspect is retained, maintaining the clinic’s prominent online presence.

A mission of care and compassion.

Central to Dr. Chabert’s ethos is the commitment to improving lives. Just as his medical practice reflects compassion and dedication, our design echoes this sentiment. We’ve created an intuitively navigable website that’s uncluttered and user-friendly.

Whether patients are seeking information, support, or advice, their journey is seamless. This was achieved with easy access to content through various mediums, including an auto-generated FAQ section designed for quick and convenient information retrieval.

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