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Noosa, Queensland, Australia

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Web Design for Trusted House Minders.

Trusted House Minders is a fantastic concept, and we loved working with the team to help them create a comprehensive website

Claire Jeynes heads up the new business, which works with multiple property owners in Noosa and the Sunshine Coast. Their services are quite niche, in that they work solely with home owners who’s second or third homes are left vacant/not rented out while they are out of town.

Trusted House Minders offer premium vacant property services to home owners, essentially caring for their home away from home, keeping their homes in top condition awaiting their return.

The range of services offered depends entirely on the property owner, from airport pick-ups and stocking the fridge the day before they arrive, to garden maintenance and renovation management while home owners are away. 

Luxurious & bold branding to set the tone.

There is a definite niche market that Trusted House Minders are appealing to: Property owners with multiple dwellings, that they purposfully leave empty for their own enjoyment.

The logo design was created with these individuals in mind. High successful and opulent property owners, who value time over money. 

The use of a home or apartment was essential in the logo design. But, when viewed on it’s own, the icon itself needed to send the right message too, one of architecturally designed and high end luxury. 

A simple solution for a start-up.

Our brief around this Noosa web design, was to keep it simple. This is a popular approach with start-up’s, and one we highly recommend.

Phasing in additional content and functionality, after the website is live, comes with a number of benefits. Firstly the budget can be spread out over a longer period, and website usage data can be reviewed to confirm that the original requirements still make sense and are the best way forward. 

The Trusted House Minders website works off parallax functionality, simply meaning that we have a 1 page website, that uses anchors in the menu navigation to reach each section. As an example, a phase 2 approach would be to expand this so that each menu item has it’s own dedicated page instead.

Superior imagery to send the right message.

The team applied a considerable effort on identifying the perfect photographs for the website. Unkempt grass in the background of a photo was of course, not the right look. Their target audience needed to connect with the imagery in use, as soon as they landed on the website – connecting with the local sea views, structures and design. 

Many start-up’s would opt for free photos, as an effective cost saving tactic, but generic photographs simply would not have done Trusted House Minders justice.

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