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Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Australia

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Web & Logo Design for Highline Consultancy.

Highline Consultancy founder, Anthony Peridis, knows his way around a bar. Now before you jump to the wrong conclusions… he owned and operated a highly successful bar and restaurant in Sydney, for many years, prior to shifting to the Sunshine Coast.  

Armed with a wealth of knowledge, industry contacts and a passion for helping others succeed, Highline Consultancy opened its doors in March 2020. With coronavirus severely impacting the hospitality industry throughout the Sunshine Coast, Ant was able to guide and support a number of local businesses where weak (or non-existent) strategies for business development, just wouldn’t cut it.

Thinking out side of the box, and saving businesses the trouble of learning from their mistakes, Highline Consultancy continues to be an invaluable asset to the hospitality industry in Noosa and the Sunshine Coast. 

Creative logo design for the Sunshine Coast market.

The company name was derived from a personal connection Anthony has with New York’s high line, which always developed a small smile during discussions.

The business name however, isn’t the only aspect in their marketing with a bit of history. The logo icon was originally designed to be a representation of the rooftop space being built, with a breath-taking view overlooking the Sunshine Coast ocean. Unfortunately, in the midst of a global pandemic, a number of parties involved had to change tack.

We reviewed our creative direction with the team, and while the original location was no longer viable, after a few discussions, it became clear that the associated fresh-seaside-vibe, was still 100% relevant to their target market, and the perfect concept for the business. 

A web design project for a start-up business.

Pandemic aside, Highline Consultancy was a new business, and this was key to the web design project.

We love working with start-up’s… there are so many strategies that can be put in place to contribute towards the urgencies for a fast turn around time, the budget restrictions and the fluidity of a new businesses direction on a daily basis. 

The comprehensive website was developed on an easy to use system, empowering the Highline Consultancy team to manage their website in house. 


Prioritising speed and cost over SEO.

Yes you read that correctly. Although Highline Consultancy is a new business, and eager to grow, SEO was not at the top of our list of priorities. Ant’s business is heavily referral based. So much so, that his website functions more as a reference point, than a marketing tool to attract new business. 

With this in mind, we could get away with creating a one page website (something we would advise against if exposure on Google was key). Provisions were made however, to ensure that expansion and flexibility to grow the website were quick and easy if this was ever needed. 

Mobile friendly web development.

All of our websites are designed and developed to be mobile friendly. People are on the move, and you need your online presence to be as polished as the products or services you offer.

Responsive websites automatically adjust the content and layout, to suit the size of the screen being used. They also handle different browsers a lot better (!) than they use to, so a mobile friendly web design is future proofing your website, as well as making it easier to use.

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