Trilogy Cycles

Project Details.

Retail / Ecommerce

Noosa, Queensland, Australia

Shopify Web Design, SEO, Web Development & Web Support

Shopify Web Design for Trilogy Cycles.

Trilogy Cycles is our favourite Noosa bike shop. Keith and his team are great to work (and ride!) with, we loved having the opportunity to contribute towards their shift to selling online with an ecommerce website.

While Trilogy Cycles has been operating in Noosa for many years, all bike and accessory sales were restricted to the physical store. Keith had been wanting to make the move to an online shop for some time, but like many business owners, he was kept far too busy looking after his clients, retaining a consistent level of service. 

There is plenty that can be done to speed up, and simplify the launch of an online shop, so we jumped onboard to support Trilogy through the process.

Deciding between Shopify & WordPress.

First things first, we needed to help Keith identify the best CMS for his goals.

We work with a number of content management systems, but each vary slightly in what they can offer to an individual business. It’s really important to take the time, and do the research to make the right choice. We consider budget, functionality, integrations, personal preference and future growth when reviewing a CMS.

The decision came down to Shopify or WordPress (with WooCommerce), but after considering the ongoing budget in particular, we moved ahead with a Shopify web design.

Vend Integration with Shopify.

One of the most important aspects of this project, was the integration of Trilogy’s point of sale system, Vend. Connecting the Shopify website to their in-store POS offers a number of benefits to the team:

  • A shared centralised stock location for always-accurate online data;
  • Reduced admin time by only needing to load product data to 1 location;
  • An improved user experience by connecting and sharing customer specific data between the 2 systems.

The integration between Shopify and Vend is a straightforward process, and a once off task.

Web development for non-shop related content & templates.

Shopify is perfect for online shops, but when it comes to managing non-shop related content, you need to get creative. 

They’ve covered their ecommerce niche perfectly, but Trilogy Cycles offers services as well as products. We needed a way to display their non-shop related content, while retaining their branding and the overall website look and feel

To achieve this, we designed and developed custom Shopify templates. These were then used to serve Trilogy Cycle’s services and standard pages, to keep the site consistent, and as professional as the services on offer.  


Saving time with an Instagram feed.

Keith is very hands on in his business, so has to use his time wisely. One of the time saving tactics implemented on the Trilogy Cycles website, was to display an Instagram feed. 

Pulling his social media content directly onto the website saves time in trying to constantly keep the website content fresh and up to date.

Cost effective and easy to use.

Each page on the website was designed and developed in a way that allows Keith easy access, and editing.

All of our websites are built on content management systems (CMS). They empower you and your team to make changes to your website in-house, making the best use of your existing resources.

A speedy Shopify experience for everyone.

Nobody likes a slow website. You’ve got around 3 seconds before you lose your visitors attention, and they go elsewhere.

Shopify delivers fantastic page speed loading times, contributing to the user experience as well as SEO efforts.

Retaining and improving existing SEO scores.

Trilogy Cycles has been around for a while. And when it comes to websites and SEO, age comes all kinds of positive signals.

So during a web design project, it’s essential to identify and proactively plan around any existing organic SEO. We reviewed Trilogy Cycle’s current position, strengths and weaknesses and created a plan for the best way forward. 

Not only is Trilogy Cycles on page 1 of Google for their most sought after phrases, but they’re also now visible for a number of key brands and terms that previously had no association with the business. Win win win.




“Nick and Judy did a fantastic job building my new website. Very happy client. Thanks guys.”

Keith Maricich, Business Owner, Trilogy Cycles