The Neighbourhood Vet

Project Details.

Health / Medical / Sport​

Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Australia


A bold and beautiful logo for the Sunshine Coast’s newest veterinary team.

The Neighbourhood Vet recently opened their doors in Tewantin on the Sunshine Coast, aiming to become the go-to veterinary clinic for the surrounding area.

Founded by Brooke Goodwin and Dr. Amber Christie, the team behind this ambitious project is as bright and bold as the logo concept we created. With decades of experience shared between them, The Neighbourhood Vet provides personalized attention and tailored medical services for domestic pets on the Sunshine Coast.

As an independently owned clinic, they have a vested interest in the relationships they form and the services they offer, making them an obvious choice for the locals.


Bright and bold logo design.

The Neighbourhood Vet team approached their logo design with a clear and thoughtful vision. Anticipating a significant number of canine visitors, they opted to incorporate a paw icon to represent their business prominently across various mediums. This choice not only reflects their focus on pets but also adds an element of friendliness and approachability to their brand.

Given the diverse applications of their logo – ranging from signage and uniforms to digital platforms and promotional materials – careful consideration was required to ensure its versatility. We developed several logo variations to maintain visual appeal across different colors and sizes. The result is a cohesive and adaptable design that looks striking both with and without the paw icon.

Our goal was to create a logo that captures the essence of The Neighbourhood Vet’s mission: to provide compassionate and personalized veterinary care. The final design embodies the clinic’s professional yet warm approach, making it instantly recognizable and memorable in the Sunshine Coast community.

Colour palette.

The colour palette for The Neighbourhood Vet is vibrant and dynamic, featuring a paw icon with seven distinct colours. These colours were carefully selected to convey a sense of warmth, friendliness, and vitality. The logo text itself incorporates two shades of green from the paw icon, creating a harmonious and cohesive look. The style guide provides precise color codes for all seven colors, ensuring consistent application across digital and print mediums. This consistency helps to strengthen the brand’s visual identity and ensures that the colors remain true and vibrant in every usage.


Logo variations and usage.

Our style guide includes multiple variations of The Neighbourhood Vet’s logo to ensure it looks impeccable in any context. We provided guidelines on how the logo should appear on different backgrounds, ensuring it remains clear and recognizable whether it’s printed in full color, black and white, or used in a digital format. We also specified the do’s and don’ts for logo usage, preventing distortions or inappropriate applications that could weaken the brand’s image.

Fonts and typography.

To maintain a consistent visual identity, we selected a set of complementary fonts that align with The Neighbourhood Vet’s brand personality. The style guide outlines primary and secondary typefaces, along with specific instructions on when and how to use each font. This ensures all written communication – from marketing materials to internal documents – conveys a unified and professional tone.