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Christchurch Web Design for Miro restaurant.

The Miro restaurant is situated in the heart of Christchurch, in one of the cities only remaining heritage buildings. The venue itself is the perfect location for weddings, celebrations and corporate events, but Miro is so much more than a fabulous space.

Head Chef, Liam Summers, creates and delivers the Miro menu’s, for the restaurant as well as their private functions. Liam is quickly contributing towards the growing Christchurch food scene, with his regularly updated menu’s, making the most of the delicious local produce Christchurch has to offer.

Alongside the flavours Miro is creating, is an impressive New Zealand wine list and cocktail menu.

Miro are open for breakfast and lunch, and boast “the best Bloody Mary in town”!



Creative Christchurch web design using WordPress.

Sticking to the system that the Miro team know and love, we redesigned the website using WordPress. But we don’t use old school themes – there are far too many risks involved. We built the Miro WordPress site on a reputable and robust WordPress framework.

This method offers the benefits of longevity for their investment, as well as speed, flexibility and a breadth of functionality for us to take advantage of.

The WordPress CMS offers the Christchurch team quick access to update menu’s, images, text and to manage their online orders.  

Improved SEO for more enquiries.

Miro’s restaurant operates successfully off a solid base of Christchurch referrals. Having said that, ensuring that this Christchurch web design appears in Google search results for respective terms, helps them appeal to an even larger market. And the more people they can get walking through their doors, the more people they can have talking about their service, venue and food.

We implemented all of the current Google best practises, and paid special attention to their existing ranking. There’s enormous opportunity when redesigning a website, to enhance SEO. But at the same time, there’s a substantial piece of work that’s required, to ensure that the opposite does not happen. Unfortunately we’re called in to help with many businesses that have redesigned their websites, and disappeared from Google completely. There are processes to follow and actions to take, to ensure that redesigned websites not only retain their existing organic rankings, but improve on them.

Appearing on page 1 of Google for your customer search terms, as well as branded terms, is key to growing your business online.

A fast WordPress website is a good WordPress website.

WordPress websites can differ in speed and overall performance vastly. There are so many contributing factors that impact the speed of a website. You’ll hear us go on about this quite often, and for good reason. It’s not only your customers and clients that appreciate fast page loading times, Google does too.

Having a high performing website, in terms of speed, actually increases your visibility in Google search results.

With this in mind, our team pay special attention to optimising speed in all areas possible, because every step counts. Our WordPress hosting is configured specifically for the Miro website (and any other website we build), and so too is the code that we use. All of our content is optimised, using the best formats and delivery systems.


A WooCommerce empowered WordPress site for eCommerce online sales.

Miro sell their ever popular gift vouchers from their website. Prior to this web design, they were using a third party gift voucher system. While the functionality was sound, there was a substantial cost to using this method. It was far more cost effective for Miro to bring the eCommerce functionality in house.

We enhanced the functionality of the Miro website, by introducing WooCommerce. WooCommerce enables Miro to accept payment for sales via their website. Using Stripe, a third party payment system, all orders and payments come directly to the Christchurch team for internal management.

Having WooCommerce set up also offers room for future expansion and change, as they are no longer restricted to only selling gift vouchers.

Integration with the  ResDiary table reservation system.

Miro use ResDiary for their online table booking system. Integrating this feature to the new website makes it possible for customers to book tables online quickly and easily.

The website integration with ResDiary is quick and easy. Through the use of a simple iFrame, the booking functionality is pulled through onto the Miro website, without negatively impacting any of their branding or website settings. This is a quick and easy way to link to a third party system, without sending your website traffic elsewhere, and retaining your branding throughout the process.

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