Noosa Lakes Resort

Project Details.

Hospitality / Tourism

Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Australia


Embracing nature and modernity with the Noosa Lakes Resort logo.

We recently delivered a logo redesign project for Noosa Lakes Resort, with the goal of captivating their two main target markets: Queensland tourists seeking quick family getaways and corporate travellers in search of an ideal base for their business endeavours in Noosa. Our mission was to create a logo that not only appealed to these distinct audiences but also beautifully represented the resort’s proximity to various water sources.

The motivation behind this redesign stemmed from the realization that the existing logo had become outdated and no longer conveyed the resort’s true branding message.

We wanted to design a fresh and clean logo made up of elements that would add genuine value, instead of the abstract structure the the older logo portrayed.



Drawing from Noosa’s natural beauty.

Drawing inspiration from the surrounding natural beauty that Noosa has to offer, we carefully incorporated elements of nature into the logo design. And to ensure a seamless transition from the previous branding, we maintained their existing color palette, simultaneously reducing the need for unnecessary updates.

The new logo for Noosa Lakes Resort represents a harmonious blend of nature and modernity. It encapsulates the allure of the resort’s idyllic surroundings, enticing both Queensland tourists in need of rejuvenating family getaways and corporate travelers seeking a comfortable and convenient base for Noosa business trips.




“Super efficient team that listened to our ideas and converted them into a wonderful design. Highly recommend the team at Phancybox.”

Ryan Rae, Noosa Lakes Resort, Noosa