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Cromwell, New Zealand

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Positive change for a happier and healthier world.

Led by the visionary Positive Medicine team, Improving Me is on a mission to create a world brimming with positivity and well-being. Developed on the principles of Positive Medicine, Improving Me inspires individuals to transform their lives physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

The Improving Me App, their vehicle for change, is aimed at empowering people with a holistic perspective, allowing them to witness and feel the transformative power of their choices.

But they’re not stopping there. The Positive Medicine impact goes beyond individuals; they are actively introducing Positive Medicine into the New Zealand and Australian Health Systems. Collaborating with medical practitioners, they aspire to cultivate a network of Positive Medicine practitioners, spreading their philosophy of holistic health.

At Improving Me, they believe in the potential of every individual to lead a fitter, happier, and healthier life. Their dedication to positive change is unwavering, and they already have the results to prove it.

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Investor appeal.

At this stage, the main purpose of the Improving Me website, is to function as a reference for potential investors. With a product that has the ability to transform the Australiasian medical system, and a team capable of doing exactly that, the Improving Me website needed to shine. 

We always imagine that a website can talk, as it’s constantly sending messages to it’s visitors:

  • It’s ease of use promotes a level of customer service.
  • It’s speed shows respect for investors time.
  • It’s presentation demonstrates a level of professionalism.  
  • It’s content reduces perceived risk. 

It’s the small things that all contribute towards the bigger picture, the perception of the brand, people behind it, and their product. 

Improving Me App Wholistic Health Phancybox web development Noosa-min

Fast web development.

We have some of the fastest web developers available, and as always, they were up for the tight deadline challenge we were presented with.

Our collaborative planning allowed us to be in the ideal position to create the hosting server in advance, and to phase the development work in stages, for the fastest turn around. 

Their all inclusive website was developed using the WordPress content management system, offering the team ease of expansion for future change and is being served from a managed hosting environment, for reduced risk and optimal performance.

Improving Me App Wholistic Health Phancybox website developer Noosa-min

Optimising SEO for a startup.

As a new business, Improving Me faced the crucial task of establishing its online reputation and connecting with relevant searches on Google. To address this challenge, we diligently worked on every SEO aspect for each unique page, laying a strong foundation for their future growth.

While the initial website launch has a limited number of pages, we have fully maximized the available optimization opportunities. As the investment grows, so will the website’s potential for expansion and increased online reach, empowering Improving Me to make a significant impact in the digital landscape.

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