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Wanaka, New Zealand


Branding to celebrate every angle of life.

I Do Ceremonies is working with the Wanaka community, to help families celebrate both the beginning and end of life’s important events.

Robyn is a registered celebrant who’s dedicating her time to work with newly weds, but also with local families, officiating funerals. 

We put our heads together with Robyn to design the logo and branding assets for the business, to help her appeal to two somewhat opposing types of events, and are really pleased with the outcome.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with Robyn for many years, and couldn’t think of a better person to bring families together for these events.


Portraying double meanings.

I Do Ceremonies name has two connotations – explaining exactly what they do, ceremonies, as well as giving a nod to one of the industries they serve, weddings. 

In a similar sense, we needed to create a logo element to suit both weddings, and funerals – two very opposing events. 

We achieved this by introducing a delicate branch. A symbol of new beginnings and growth. A symbol of change. 

Not only does this icon contribute to both of the major events that Robyn officiates, but it also gives her room to grow. It allows for Robyn to easily expand her business to other industries, without feeling boxed in by her branding. 


Remember, the best time for new beginnings is now!

Changing service providers and/or systems might seem daunting, but usually it’s the lack of change that holds us back. Are you getting the exceptional results that your business deserves?

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