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Franz Josef, New Zealand

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Web design for Franz Josef Wilderness Tours.

We’ve been working with Bronwyn for almost 10 years now. The design and development of Franz Josef Wilderness Tours is the 4th website we’ve built for them. We love working with the team, and it’s been such a wonderful experience watching them develop and grow. Can’t wait to see what they do next!

Franz Josef Wilderness Tours is an amalgamation of Glacier Country Kayaks and Glacier Country Lake Tours. So it’s the same enthusiastic outdoorsy people that we know and love, and the same adventurous tours and rentals, all rolled into 1. 

The rebrand was carried out amidst the pandemic, while the New Zealand, and international tourism industry, was somewhat shaken up. It was time to rethink the business, goals and target market. Franz Josef Wilderness Tours was created to focus on the local tourism market, it’s the perfect time for Kiwi’s to get to know their own backyard.


Using video to generate excitement & sell.

If you haven’t already visited Franz Josef, add that to your list. The scenery is sensational. So much so, that the team put together some video footage to showcase the beautiful West Coast, Lake Mapourika and all of the adventures you can experience on their tours.

The homepage video offers multiple visuals, in an attempt to get visitors hooked and excited from the moment they land on the website, on mobile or desktop. Mission accomplished.

You’ll notice that the text was overlaid on top of the video. We went this route (instead of having it built into the video) for a few reasons. Firstly, to give Google some key signals to contribute towards their SEO, and secondly, to ensure the content was legible on mobile devices.

Simplifying the content and service offerings.

There are a number of tour categories offered by Franz Josef Wilderness Tours. On top of this, the team offer combo tours in conjunction with other local adventure companies, and rentals too.

With this in mind, we needed to create a design that complimented all 3 aspects. The design empowers visitors to find what they’re looking for, quick and easily, encouraging bookings and enquiries.

At the same time, the entire content delivery method was simplified. All tours carry certain information that’s 100% identical. Instead of creating duplicate content, which Google isn’t a fan of, we restructured each tour category landing page. All tours for a particular category are displayed on 1 page, with the common content included once, on the same page. To ensure this information wasn’t missed, anchored links were used at the top of the page to inform visitors of their existenace. 

Automatic multi-language translator.

To make interactions on the website even easier, we have included the functionality to automatically translate a page into a different language. While these automatic translators are not always 100% accurate, they certainly contribute towards foreign language visitors, in at least pointing them in the right direction for booking their adventures. 

Rezdy booking integration.

Franz Josef Wilderness Tours use the Rezdy booking system, for all online bookings. A major requirement for this web design project, was to integrate the website with their existing booking system. Rezdy offer a number of solutions, with the iFrame being the ideal set up for their requirements.

All this means, is that the booking functionality sits inside the Franz Josef Wilderness Tours website – the user does not have to navigate to another website or domain name to make their bookings.

Retaining and improving existing SEO scores from 2 websites.

This was an interesting one. We had 2 existing websites, both with fantastic organic SEO. We needed to create a strategy to make the best use of these scores, to help Franz Josef Wilderness Tours retain their exposure on Google.

Instead of only following the normal best practises for retaining existing SEO scores, we needed to basically let Google know what was happening. That we had the same people, same location, same services, just a different company name and URL. 

The domain name is still new, and will still take some time to build an online reputation, but managing the change over appropriately gave Franz Josef Wilderness Tours an enormous boost with their SEO.




“Thanks so much for another amazing website! This is our 4th site we’ve built with the team at Phancybox and it’s the best so far. The customer service it always wonderful, and technically I know I am in great hands. Can’t recommend them enough.”

Bronwyn Burrons, Business Owner, Franz Josef Wilderness Tours