Project Details.

eCommerce Web Design for Revology.

Revology are an innovative design studio, creating elegant objects from renewable and sustainably sourced materials.

While their first design was an award winning luxurious-to-touch chair, design #2 is just as beautiful, but made for the outdoors.

You only need to spend a few minutes with the Revology team to want to know more, or to somehow be a part of their journey.

You can’t help but get drawn into their vision – their passion and energy is such an inspiration, clearly visible in everything that they do.

Improving customers web experiences.

While there are many reasons to redesign a website, Revology were mainly focused on improving their customers experience. Streamlining their internal processes was next on the list – both of which were achieved with the relaunch:


  • Telling Revology’s story, making it as easy as possible for customers to connect with the brand and products, largely achieved through the use of video (you really do have to see and touch the Revology chair)
  • Creating a clear user journey so that all interactions with the brand were positive ones
  • Simplifying the purchasing process regardless of language, location and requirements
  • Introducing flexibility in the back-end to allow Revology to easily introduce new products, categories or processes as their business grows or changes direction.
Revology New Zealand Web Design Phancybox

User defined multilingual content.

The all inclusive website for Revology required manually written French and English content to be included. Ensuring their customers experience a seamless interaction with the brand, regardless of their location, was essential. While Google offer language extensions, the translation of the French language is still best created by a human being.

    Location specific taxes, delivery & promos.

    The WordPress web design for Revology accounts for individual location specific properties, like taxes. Revology customers in Europe for example can pay for their products in Euro’s, with the associated VAT. Taking this a step further, shipping details are not forced to the same location. This allows someone in New Zealand to pay GST but have a product sent to an address in Australia. Delivery charges are also unique to a location, and are set to alter alongside the quantity of products requested.

    Smart multi-currency functionality.

    Keeping inline with Revology’s business requirements, automated currency converters were not suitable. Instead, the all inclusive website was setup to allow for manually entered amounts, per currency, per product. These custom currencies then integrated with the respective location taxes and delivery rules seamlessly.

    Ecommerce retail web design Revology Phancybox Auckland Web Design New Zealand

    Deposits with eCommerce orders.

    While Revology’s products are being created, customers are able to place their orders, and pay a deposit online. The web development for the deposit functionality works alongside the location specific taxes, delivery charges and multi-currency rules.

    Online shop database migration.

    Revology already had a number of sales in their previous eCommerce website. One of our final steps for this project, was migrating their customer base with associated transactions, to the new site. The migration retained contact details, order history and internal notes/processes, making the change over a positive one for existing customers.


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