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Wanaka, New Zealand

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eCommerce Web Design for Revology Concept Store.

The Revology Concept Store is another successful venture by Monique Kelly and Alex Guichard, creators of the award winning Revology chair. Located in the centre of Wanaka, their store gives customers a chance to experience their creations first hand, and to enjoy a cuppa in the process.

The Revology Concept Store team are focused on rethinking design. From the materials themselves, to how they are sourced, used, or reused.

Their shop and website stock a range of useful, beautiful everyday items. Some are their own brand, while others are brands that operate inline with their ethos of sustainable, circular design. 


A simple web design.

The project brief for the Revology Concept Store web design, was to keep it simple. The aim was for the products themselves to stand out, to take centre stage. 

The black and white approach was used to further highlight the individual products, and to retain a level of sophistication that the brand carries. 

Revology New Zealand Web Design Phancybox

A fast turn around at the peak of the pandemic.

Our largest challenge with the ecommerce web development, was time. With the whole country in lockdown during the pandemic, having an online store available ASAP was key. We needed to enable the team to start building their reputation with Google, to start advertising their business, and to start selling gift cards and products online.

There are a number of actions you can take, to launch an ecommerce store faster than usual. We created a strategy with the full support of the Revology team, and got it done.

Vend POS integration.

Vend was the Revology Concept Store’s choice of POS (point of sale). They offer a straight forward integration between WooCommerce and their system. Connecting Vend and WooCommerce offers companies a number of benefits, from having a single stock source, to reducing admin time when managing 2 locations and having real time data across both locations. 

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