Dr David Beaumont

Project Details.

Fast exposure for Dr David Beaumont’s new WordPress website.

Dr David Beaumont’s WordPress website is new, but his experience in the medical industry certainly isn’t. He recently launched Positive Medicine and has released his first book – Disrupting the Future of Medical Practice – but he’s only just getting started…

On a mission to reshape the medical industry in New Zealand, Dr Beaumont required a central point of reference for his brand as a whole. The purpose of the website is to inform readers about the man behind his health programmes, charities, books and future endeavours.

While the momentum of wholistic health awareness is increasing, new websites take time to grab Googles attention. So our teams rallied together to implement a swift turn around time, with an effective SEO strategy to get the word spreading as fast as possible.

Smart web design techniques.

Dr Beaumont has years of experience, and so much to share. The website copywriting is a reflection of this, and needed special consideration from a design perspective, given the volume of text. 

It’s easy for web pages to appear text heavy, because they don’t read like books. People scan websites, usually while scrolling.

So web content needs to be delivered slightly differently. Besides the copywriting differences, there are also ways to display text heavy web pages, without introducing clutter or information overload. 

A fast website is a good website.

There are so many contributing factors that impact the speed of a website. You’ll hear us go on about this quite often, and for good reason. It’s not only your customers – and their customers – that appreciate fast page loading times, Google rewards fast websites too.

Having a high performing website, in terms of page loading time, actually increases your visibility in Google search results.

With this in mind, our team pay special attention to optimising speed in all areas possible, because every step counts. Our WordPress web hosting is uniquely configured for each of our custom built websites.

Promoting book sales.

Dr Beaumont chose to sell his book via existing online platforms, like Amazon and Booktopia. This meant that no WooCommerce integration was required, only a simple link to his existing systems.

Sometimes the simplest method is also the most effective.

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