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Auckland Web Design for Freerange Works.

Freerange Works is an Auckland based human resources and recruitment consultancy firm, driving a movement for change. The team are promoting flexible workplaces, with the governance and change processes needed to support these new environments.

While Freerange Works founders have lived and breathed the industry for years, flexible working environments, especially in Auckland, are still in their infancy. Kerryn & Sarah are focussed on helping businesses manage outputs, rather than hours. They’re successfully achieving this through culture change, human resources consulting, leadership development and recruitment services.

Freerange Works run a number of Auckland events, and online webinars, about flexible working. They’re absolutely golden for business owners and management, whether you’re already offering flexible working options, or only just thinking about it .  There’s far more to it than ticking a few boxes, and with the right tools and methods, can lead to happier, healthier individuals and yes, you guessed it, far more productive teams.

Custom WordPress web design.

WordPress is a highly flexible platform and is ideal for many new businesses, and established ones. Using WordPress, we were able to create a custom web design for Freerange Works, to be an extension of their branding. To send the right message, to the right people.

We loved working with Freerange Works illustrations. Their branding (by Chemistry) has helped them stand out from the norm even more so.

EventBrite & Vincere website integrations.

The Freerange Works website has been integrated with their EventBrite feed of upcoming events, and Vincere job portal. This allows the continuity of their brand, even when displaying external data, without the need for complex API creation.

When Freerange Works add new events and job vacancies to their respective portals, they are pulled through to the WordPress website.

Improved SEO & security with an SSL.

Freerange Works is securing their visitors data through the use of an SSL Certificate. And, as an added bonus, since Google is now rewarding websites that look after their customers, the SSL is improving their SEO too. Effective SEO is the sum of hundreds of small actions, implemented individually, across every website page. The SSL contributes towards this SEO strategy, alongside local SEO implementations, on page SEO, technical SEO, quality content, website speed and every other element that Google is checking.

Mobile friendly web design .

The all inclusive website delivery for Freerange Works, is of course, mobile friendly. Since Google switched to mobile first indexing, it goes without saying that a mobile friendly web design is now mandatory for all businesses. This custom web design operates seamlessly across all devices and supported browsers.

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